Forest and sawmills

Forest and sawmills

The vastness of the Canadian forests explains the huge scale of the commercial exploitation found in the industry. Even today, the forest industry is considered a powerful engine of the Quebec economy.

If we talk about heavy machinery, dangerous machines, use of cutting tools, a somewhat hostile work environment, what does that tell you?

Over the years, Santinel has offered its services to companies within the forestry development and sawmill industry. The dangers associated with the nature of this work environment are numerous and injuries can happen from excessive efforts, handling incidents, falls or by working with large and noisy machines.

Thanks to our training courses in the fields of fire prevention, emergency interventions and first aid in isolated areas, coupled with our proven programs including those on machine safety, working at height, noise exposure and respiratory protection, Santinel is a proven, excellent resource to help ensure the health and the safety of your workers.

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