Mines, quarries and oil wells

Mines, quarries and oil wells

Every month there’s reports about incidents or more serious events in mines and quarries all over the planet. Though it is reduced in terms of number of facilities in Quebec, this industry provides a fair share of accidents and deaths through occupational hazards.

Santinel can help workers in this industry prepare for the worst. Ideal for miners, we have equipment for air quality control and training for those who work in enclosed spaces. We have also developed adaptable first aid kits and procedures that can be quite useful.

The physical injuries, dust, toxic vapours, vigilance with hot work, work in small spaces and many other elements must be recognized and dealt with. Thanks to our expertise, Santinel can help you adequately prepare your company to face the specific risks found in your sector, train your employees and prepare them to be proactive in the event of an emergency.

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