Public administration

Public administration

In spite of what we would like to believe, this sector of economic activity has its own batch of accidents and occupational hazards. The products and services offered by Santinel are completely adaptable and appropriate to this sector because they correspond to the situations and risks faced by managers and workers in their daily lives.

Effort, ergonomic problems, falls or psychological problems are not to be ignored. Managers must be ready to deal with all kinds of situations from interventions in right of refusal situations to the management of unseen problems in regards to safety matters.

Our experts are here to help by providing support in the form of assistance and coaching to your essential resources. We also have a range of appropriate training sessions for general or more specialized needs, such as working at height or in confined spaces, rescue from height, confined spaces or difficult to access spaces, lockout or the use of mobile equipment, scaffolds or lifts.

Our expertise in the management of the occupational injuries and our experience in training first-aid workers in work environments have also been recognized and required for many years by the companies in this sector.

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