Heat stress - Turnkey

If you are facing a problem of thermal stress due to heat, your situation must be quickly taken care of due to the risks incurred: heat stroke, loss of consciousness and the resulting accidents.

Santinel has the resources and expertise to help you not only respond in case of problems but, above all, to prepare you properly before the situation even arises. So we propose a comprehensive approach:

  • A study of external reports if they exist
  • Assessment of the metabolism of at-risk tasks as well as the assessment of thermal stress parameters at the workstations.
  • Identification of at-risk workers (e.g., cardiac issues)
  • Assessment of actual risk levels and their compliance with legal standards
  • Identification of technical and administrative solutions that aim to reduce at-risk or non-standard exposure
  • Identification of optimal individual protection
  • Development of a thermal stress prevention program
  • Convening of awareness/training sessions about working in hot conditions
  • Annual monitoring of exposure and awareness/training sessions during the summer

So if your organization is facing this kind of challenge, let specialists take charge of this OHS aspect of your business; all you will have to do is work … safely.

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