Inspection program for articulating booms and aerial platforms

Accidents involving vehicles working at height are often due to methods of inspection and maintenance that are inadequate or non-existent. Automated aerial platforms or not, with articulating booms or not, baskets, carrier vehicles, safeguards and personal protective equipment, etc.-are you aware of the state of your equipment down to the last bolt? What is its level of compliance with standards and regulations in effect? Are your employees aware of the risks associated with these apparatus, and do they know exactly when and how to inspect them safely?

Santinel’s experts can answer all these questions. After reviewing the aerial equipment and its use in your business, they will be able to help you by developing a real inspection program covering all the inspections required by your equipment. Thus, you will have a clear guide, compliant with all applicable standards for your equipment, that will give you access to detailed inspection procedures and customized inspection schedules to facilitate inspections. A monitoring system is also developed to help you meet your legal obligations.

So to ensure you are on right track regarding inspections, entrust Santinel with the care of preparing everything you need for inspections. Thus, you will know what to inspect, how often, and have on hand what it takes to carry out this prevention activity.

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