Management program for articulating booms and aerial platforms

The safety management of all elements relating to articulating booms, platforms and other equipment for work at height is a critical item in any prevention program. With years of experience in this field, Santinel can help you improve your current methods or set up a comprehensive safety management program for this type of equipment.

With this service, you will have in hand a complete management guide that includes all your procedures and policies regarding the use, inspection or maintenance of your mobile apparatus for work at height. This program also contains a clear description of roles and responsibilities of each person, the nature and frequency of training for users, and activities that allow your managers to ensure compliance with the rules established. All this comes with customized inspection checklists and other practical tools allowing you to apply all the guidelines of your program.

Do not be content with merely being careful with your articulating booms and aerial platforms; opt for a management program that covers all legal obligations and complies with standards in effect to ensure the safety of all work at height.

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