Personalized consultation (articulating booms and aerial platforms)

Santinel did not build its reputation by ignoring situation analysis, customer needs, health and safety regulations or the practical skills of workers. From mandate to mandate, we see the effectiveness of listening and personalized interventions.

Some companies seek our recommendations on specific aspects (risk assessment, inspection, procedures and methods of rescue, etc.) of work at height apparatus like articulating booms and aerial platforms, while others entrust us with the development of a comprehensive management program for such equipment. Whatever the request, we place great importance on training the people working at height, the operators of related machinery, as well as work supervisors. They are the first ones who need to know the risks involved as well as how to use the equipment intelligently, apply protective measures, develop the manoeuvring skills that will ensure their safety on a daily basis, and report problems.

You already know the solution to the next problem that will arise regarding lifting apparatus in your business: Consult a Santinel expert.

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