Training of trainers - Articulating booms and aerial platforms

To become “good” and stay that way, instructors specializing in jobs that require the use of articulating booms and aerial platforms must have at least a few occasions a year to pass on their knowledge to employees using such equipment. If this frequency is likely in your business, take a look at the outline of the training designed by Santinel for these trainers:

  1. A review of the risks associated with the equipment, appropriate tools and protective measures, regulations, practice manoeuvres and safe movements-all conveyed through Santinel’s regular operator training. Take this occasion to train your operators (max 15 participants).
  2. Start of the exclusive training of instructors, which consists of deepening the content discussed in step 1, becoming familiar with the role and responsibilities of a trainer, designing a theoretical and practical session, and improving the quality of teaching (interpersonal skills, listening skills, written communication skills, etc.).
  3. Teaching simulation with feedback from Santinel’s master-trainer. The company’s future trainers will benefit from expertise and advice by giving their first performance in an empty classroom.
  4. Supervised real-time training. Although optional, this last step is highly recommended for a teacher with little experience. The presence of Santinel’s trainer reassures your trainer who benefits from a written report on the performance, recommendations for future presentations and the issue a certificate as certified trainer.
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