Training - Operators of articulating booms and aerial platforms

To use articulating booms and aerial platforms, comprehensive training covering both theoretical and practical aspects is required. Experience also shows that a reminder of key points that must be mastered by operators of platform and self-propelled aerial work platforms-with or without articulating booms, or transported on a vehicle-should be made at least every three years, just to refresh the employees’ knowledge of the risks of work at height (falls and other types of accidents), safety procedures associated with them, the best techniques for manoeuvring and moving about, conditions of the work environment as well as compliance with provincial and federal laws and standards in this field.

During the training or refresher session, these aspects will be reviewed in addition to elements concerning site conditions, inspection of the articulating booms and aerial platforms themselves, and protective equipment such as harnesses, anchors, etc. Santinel’s experienced trainers will provide all the tools required so that your operators become very familiar with their equipment and its mode of operation. And they will ensure that the operators demonstrate the skills for using it safely.

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