Program promoting health—Life and work

While this may seem obvious, not all professionals practice a very simple principle: living a healthy lifestyle has a significant positive impact on health and safety at work. Thus, awareness is of great importance to organizations, for it contributes to their efficiency and profitability. To help attain this awareness, Santinel offers a service to promote health in the workplace.

By coordinating various activities over a period ranging from weeks to years, you will encourage your employees to care about their health while increasing their loyalty to the company. The activities can be very varied and touch upon food (menus adapted for rotating shifts, “inspections” of lunch boxes, articles and tips, etc.) as well as physical activities at and outside of work, or any other aspect of health considered relevant to your situation. The content of the activities can easily be transposed to the home to benefit the whole family.

Encourage your employees to take care of their bodies, as well as to know and respect their limits.

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